1. what a beautiful lesson. what a worthy pattern. what a blessing.
    i believe every word you write because i know your life.
    thanks for sharing what the Spirit is teaching you, allowing him to teach us too.
    you are loved. and this is a great plan.

    • Tami Heim

      Thanks Robyn –

      You are such a great encourager. How blessed am I that we get to do this part of life – the one on this side of eternity – together? Abundantly.

      Giving thanks now for what’s coming as He saturates our minds with the beauty of His grace . You know…it rocks and changes everything.

      Bless you – Tami

  2. Nancy Thompson

    Tami, I loved your post! That is exactly the place where the LORD has led me the past four months…seeking His heart and His understanding and intentions in regard to others…not mine! Wow, what a great place to hang out! Thank you for sharing!

    • Tami Heim

      Nancy ~
      I love that He is putting us in the same place to hang out in His glory and wonder.
      Wow x1000.
      Bless you – Tami

  3. Tami Heim

    Pam ~

    Thanks for sharing!

    I know, when the balance in your prayer life shifts like this it is a heart and mind changer.
    It makes me think of the creole phrase I love to sing from the hymn, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus:
    Mwen pap tounen. Mwen pap tounen.
    I won’t turn back, I won’t turn back.

    Bless you – Tami

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