Bless Their Hearts

If you’re from the South, you’ve said it, like at least a thousand times:  “Why, bless their heart.” Although it’s often meant as a “poor thing” type of statement, speaking blessings into and over someone’s life is love, is right, and is biblical!  Moses blessed the twelve tribes, specifically and individually, before he died and … [Read more…]

A Little More Faith

The trees in our backyard dress themselves in flower of purest white. Dancing on the breeze just long enough to dazzle you with their splendor and flurry to the ground like snow. They blew happily everywhere, springtime snow chasing little children with eyes big enough to see Gods world as it really is wondrous. Spring paints … [Read more…]

Blue Hair and Tattoos

Blue Hair and Tattoos

No White Shoes Before Easter!! I recently got blue highlights in my hair – yes true blue highlights.  At 53 I have naturally silver hair so you can imagine everyone’s surprise (well except those that truly know me) at the bright blue streaks in my hair.  I’ve always thought of hair as an accessory – … [Read more…]

In Case You Haven’t Heard…

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately. Twenty- six years ago today, I gave birth to my second child, my first and only daughter, Lauren Elizabeth! Her entrance into the world rocked ours! She followed her brother by 14 months. Needless to say, I was a busy Mom with a toddler and infant. Fast forward, twenty-five … [Read more…]