1. What a beautiful post. Makes me really miss my Grams. She was a wise and loving woman much like yours. Only she didn’t speak German. But she did speak the language of love.

    We used to spend our summers with them in the mountains of WV. I learned so much about Jesus in their little church. Wonderful memories of a time when life was so simple yet seemed so full.

    Three for me would include:

    Be kind.
    Be forgiving.
    Be patient.

    I like your three, too. And there are only a few of the many choices we make each day that shape our world and the world of others around us.

    • Melinda
      Thanks for sharing this with us today. I love knowing how your sweet Grams influenced your life. We are both blessed because we had these women in our lives.

      Love your picks and the way I see them in you. I’ve been on the receiving end of the overflow that pours from you. I’m gateful for you.


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