1. Carrie Evans

    Thank you for this. I signed up for them to be delivered to my inbox I have just seen them on Facebook. I am struggling so hard right now. I pray everyday, but of course now that my life is in shambles I pray 20 times a day. I feel so guilty like I only come to God when something bad is happening. I am trying so hard to find something good other than my boys and my family to be thankful for. Well I think I found another reason. These postings. Thank you so much for reaching out to people like me. I hope to change, I pray for a better different life for me and my boys.

    God Bless You!

    • Nancy Thompson

      Carrie, remember this….we don’t change…we surrender… and God’s presence in our lives changes us. So, we continue to seek God and submit our will to His. I encourage you to find one or two verses in His Word and focus on them daily…all day. One of the good ones for this is Jeremiah 29:11.

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