1. Amanda Dean

    Don’t know why I signed up for a 1/2 marathon when I never ran a day in my life, everybody said I was crazy but something just told me to do it. After all the blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears…and mostly mine) I realized I gained so much more than a medal and feelings of self accomplishment, I gained some amazing friends and a renewed connection with God. Although it took me a while, make no mistake, I truly believe The Lord brought you into my life…to help me back along “his path”…one mile at a time.

  2. Jackie Crouch

    Anyone interested in getting a women’s running group together? I know there is one in Hendersonville but I would like to do some long runs other places on Saturday am. Thoughts?

    • Carol

      Amanda and I are both in Springfield but when we were training, we did go to Nashville for some long runs. We met at Wave Country once and ran that route for 9 miles, I believe. Alot of hills but it was fun. Maybe that would be a way for all the runners on all the campuses to gather.

      • Jackie Crouch

        That sounds fun! It just gets so boring running the same route around Indian Lake. I am always wanting to go downtown and run around Belmont, West End, Bellemeade Blvd et… Also, a Saturday group would be a great way to find running partners with similar schedules for other days of the week. We really just need a few core members to get it started! Who’s in?!

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